Introducing Maria

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Hello All.

Well the medical stuff is still up in the air.  I probably won’t get the test I need until March some time.  It’s frustrating to say the least to have to wait like that but I shouldn’t complain too much as our healthcare system is pretty darn good to me.


I recently posted a new link in my list down on the side. Oh yes and I’ve been experimenting with new looks over all.  Please share any feedback if you’d like to about that.  Anyway, the new link is to a wonderful counselor I stumbled upon in my searches.

self1Maria DeRubeis BSW, MSW, RSW

Individual, Family and Relationship Counselling

She is just starting out in the blogging world.  I consulted her about issues in the past and she’s fantastic to talk to.  I highly recommend keeping up with her blog as I expect the articles will be very insightful and helpful.  Her name is Maria Derubeis and it looks like she works out of Windsor, ON, Canada.  So if you’re in her area you can check her out.  She is versed in many different issues affecting individuals, couples and families.  I hope you get something out of what she has to say.

I’m out for now.  Have a great day!



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