Me, Myself and I

I realized today that I have not introduced myself on the ABOUT page.  I guess it would make more sense to tell you all about me so you know what you are getting yourselves into.

This is me…

I’m not really made of Play-doh… but I’ve decided that this will be my representation on this blog.  I’m actually a forty something year old woman getting married to the love of my life.  My wife keeps me grounded, safe and secure.  She’ll tell you that I’m a good back scratcher, omelette maker extraordinaire and a good drawer. (sketcher?)  I would disagree with the last one.  I’d say that I have bursts of goodness and then the rest of the time stick people are my forte.

I am a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder along with a few other related disorders.  I’m a little wacky at times but for the most part I’m repressing enough that I’m on an even keel.  I was recognized as being dissociative about 10 years ago now,  though my healing journey was stalled by an escape to a new city.  See the post A Broader Introduction for more on that.  I do not know how many insiders I have, only that my head sounds like a crowded restaurant on any given day.

One uncle and my father were my main abusers.They belong to a semi-organized group of mainly men that use children and women to fulfill whatever role they choose in the games they play.  Most of the roles involve severe sexual and sadistic abuse.

I read a lot about dissociative topics and work on my healing but I have many other interests as well.  I really enjoy keeping up with various webcomics as you’ll see by the links down the side of my blog.  I have a stuffed polar bear who has shown great loyalty and comforted me on many a sleepless night. I like buying MENSA books and seeing how many puzzles I can do.  It makes me feel either very smart or kinda dumb depending on the day.

My blog has become my latest obsession.  I tend to completely immerse myself in something once I find a project.  So likely over the next few weeks you’ll find me obsessing over everything bloggy.  Come on stats counter!!

Anyway, I hope you come back to see me all the time.  Just remember to come and see that crazy canuck who loves Tweety bird and playing with Play-doh.  Hope to see you often!  Thanks


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