Art Work

I’ve been attending paintnite’s with a friend of mine and a couple even on my own. Brave me! I wanted to post them here as a welcome back to the blog. I’m going to make a concerted effort to start this up again. It’s been 6 years of turmoil. I’ll write more on that later. But for now here are the pic’s.

A sketch of thanks

Sometimes the only things that can be translated in your mind are through pictures instead of words. Words simply can’t convey the power or intent behind our wants and needs. So I’ve resorted to drawing on more than one occassion. I wanted to include this specific drawing as a symbol of me reaching out to the world. Here I am, being vulnerable, being open, being honest and I lend my hand to you, my readers. I hope that you will reach for it in times of trial and in times of triumph.

Take care of yourselves,