Do You Know What Kind of Therapy You’re In?

So let’s talk therapy.  There are so many different kinds of therapy.  Different theories, different modes, different styles.  How many different kind of therapy do you think you’ve been exposed to?  I’m trying to remember.  There’s been individual counselling as well as a few couple sessions.  I’ve done several different types of group therapy.  I’ve done online chatting both individually and as a group.  I’ve also done forums and of course this blog I would also consider therapy, albeit self-directed.

I’ve been taught CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy).  I’ve had one counsellor that described her style as coming from a feminist perspective, another as a family systems theorist.  There’s client centered healing, oh  and my latest read was based on a Janetian theory which pays much attention to hierarchies of action systems.  There are many things you do in therapy like processing memories and learning practical skills.  There are countless theories and approaches.

I look at this and I think, “I should be the healthiest person around!”  There are a thousand types of therapy I’ve not been exposed to as well.  Do you know what theories your therapist is partial to?  Do you think yo have the right to know?  when I was younger it didn’t even occur to me to ask.  When I was moving to escape the bad guys I did ask that therapist what her main perspective came from so that I could tell any future therapist what I had worked with in the past.  Then I read this article by Kathy Broady and she talks about her approach at great length with her clients.

I have a great deal of respect for Kathy.  I discovered Discussing Dissociation when I was without a therapist after i moved.  i found all of the articles so informative and so in tune with what my experiences were.  Kathy is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to DID.  I know there has been some controversy out there about her but from my own personal experience, she’s been great.  A life saver even.

Anyway, I just wanted to p[ut these few questions out to see where you all stand.  Do you know what theories your therapist ascribes to?  Do you have a particular approach you feel you respond to better than others?  For any therapist out there, do you feel you are flexible as to what theory you use according to what client or do you stay rigidly within one or two?  Let me know what you’re thinking.

Diving in…

Well here is my first attempt at posting something for the grand (or not so grand) masses to read.  I guess this is the time I should tell you a little about myself.  I am a woman living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the myriad of other diagnoses that generally accompany such a disorder.  I am married to a lovely woman.  I have 2 cats who couldn’t be more different from one another and a beagle that seems to really understand me.

Ask me about anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks etc.  and I’ll probably be able to tell you a little bit about it.  I could talk about psychotropic drugs, therapy, therapists, self-help books and all kinds of articles and blogs having to do with psychological phenomena.  But mostly I just want to let my mind wander.  I want to talk about life and living it and will probably dive into all the things I just mentioned at one time or another.

Blogging is going to be an interesting experiment.  A foray into the deep, wide ocean that is the human experience.  It’s going to be difficult.  I was one to journal in the past but I’ve gone away from that.  My brain seems to have left me bereft of anything important to say.  It’s all being said in much better ways than I can hope to express.  But I do hope that one day the writing bug will catch up with me again.

So this is me for now, for better, for worse.  Enjoy my little musings at your will.  I can’t promise you that you’ll be smarter or better off in the end but it will be nice to occupy a space in someone’s mind for a short period of time.  Until next time…